Symptoms and remedies for pneumonia and bronchitis

Sympton pnemonia bronchitis

As winter progresses, many winter diseases are also increasing. But in the most vulnerable condition, young children At this time, pneumonia and bronchitis respiratory diseases can lead to severe health risks for children. We should know about these two diseases and its remedies.

Symptom of pnemonia


Lymph: Quick breathing – 60 times per minute for every newborn baby, 50 times per minute for children between one year and one-to three-year infants who have to breathe 40 times per minute.

Pneumonia Symptoms should be understood:

  • The chest will be given below the cage
  • Nose swelling with breathing
  • The temperature will rise in temperature, even 104 degrees Fahrenheit may reach.
  • There is a feeling of fatigue and illness in the face of the child.
  • A cough: The incidence of a cough can be higher in the night and early morning.
  • A cough: For small children, cough cannot be taken out.
  • Clutter sounds can be found on the chest.
  • These children are usually more infected with Stretto Kukkas, Hemophilus Influenza, and Staphofo Kukkas. Some viruses may also be involved.

Here’s what:

If the child is very short of breathing then it is better to take the hospital. If the child’s body is blue again and again in three months, or in the case of a child, then the hospital should be admitted. Family child doctor can get advice. However, if there is not much respiration then you can be treated at home.

In case of treatment at home

Use syrup paracetamol to reduce childhood fever. According to weight 15 mg / kg / per serving. Up to 4 times a day can be up to 6 times. After half an hour of paracetamol, the mumps worms for half an hour with warm water. Wear gums, hands, feet, and head.

Antibiotics should be used if needed, but children of this age group can usually use amoxicillin or third generation cephalicemia. Remember, antibiotics must be used at the doctor’s advice. Cleansing the nose and throat bulb can benefit you. Use a normal saline drop in the nose, keep it clean with 1 drop 2 noses 4 times or 6 times Nasik path.
For sizzling or chest noise, we can use steam salbutamol in syrup salbutamol or nebulization machine.



In this case, children like pneumonia will not be so sick. The baby will be fairly smiling but there will be sounds like bamboo chest.
The small temperature will increase. Maybe 100 to 101 degrees Fahrenheit. At first, the water started with nose and breathing started within one or two days.
Bronchiolitis is usually more common with respiratory viruses. However, other viruses such as Infunia, Para Infinja, and Adino Virus can be caused by. Age ranging from 2 months to 2 years. However, it is more prevalent for children from 6 months to 9 months.

What to do in this case

  • You can arrange treatment at home.
  • Nose and throat should be cleaned. Can use bulb Sakara.
  • Liquid food should be eaten more.
  • A nose can use normal saline drop.
  • Usually, do not have antibiotics. However, if the child is under 3 months of age, he will have to be admitted to the hospital and he/she should use antibiotics according to the doctor’s advice. If there is an increase in inflammation in the chest or the temperature increases a lot, then antibiotics should be given.
  • Syrup salbutamol or steam salbutamol can be used for breathing.

You can use syrup paracetamol for fever. But remember, if the age of the child is below 3 months or if the child has had anticancer drugs for a long time or because of any other disease, steroid drugs have been used for a long time, then bronchiolitis may be worse. Should be admitted to the hospital in such a situation.


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