Sleep apnea: stop Breathing in sleep

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Think about what can happen if you stop breathing in sleep! This can happen in many cases. This type of condition is called sleep apnea. This condition can be triggered if the breath is stopped for 10 seconds or more.

Those are:

Usually, it is a disease of the elderly and the children are very less affected. Men are more affected by this disease than women. However, at the age of 50, women and men may be equally affected by this disease. Obese people are more prone to this disease. Apart from this, there are several diseases including heart disease, so that if the infection is affected then the slip can be apnea.

The patients usually called a nose in a little sleepy.


Understand how we breathe. The air that I take with the nose and mouth goes through the lungs through the lungs called the respiratory tract. At the beginning of Sleep Apnea, the pathway of the airway is closed or collapsed in sleep. In this situation, the patient tried to breathe a bit loudly. But that is not possible. As a result, unexpected deficiencies occur in the patient’s brain. The brain then makes the patient wake up.

What is the reason:

When sleeping, the brain tells the muscles associated with breathing to continue breathing. Many times the brain does not send such directions. Then the breathing process stops. On the other hand, the brain may send the injunction, but breathing cannot be taken if the path of the airway is closed for any reason. At the same time, two incidents can happen. That is, the brain did not send the instruction and the path of the airway was stopped.

Why slip aponia is so awful:

Sleep apnea usually indicates a serious disease.

* Heart disease. For example heart failure, irregular heartbeat etc.

* Brein’s disease

* No errors in birth

* Side effects of some medicines

* High blood pressure


There are several experiments, with the help of which the intensity of disease and disease can be determined. The following steps may be taken as a medical treatment.

* Change bedroom style. Sleep apnea increases if you are lying downstairs.

* Weight loss. Sleep apnea decreases by 25 per cent after losing 10 per cent weight

* Taking balanced food

* Regular exercise

* Treatment through medicines, operations or surgery

Who will go to:

These types of centres have been developed in several private hospitals, which provide treatment to Sleep Apnea patients.

So if Nakadaka is a disease, it is better to sleep than to nose oil or not. Because the small problem can be a very complicated disease carrier.

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