How to be careful to prevent dengue fever?

Dengue fever infection has increased. Dengue spreads because of Aedes mosquitoes. So be aware of the prevention of dengue fever infection. For this, there are a few things to keep in mind.

Aedes mosquitoes lay eggs in clear water. They do not like dirty-smelling drain water. Therefore, suitable places for laying eggs against mosquitoes should be kept clean. Necessary steps must be taken to kill mosquitoes.

The Aedes mosquito bites mainly during the day, morning and evening. However, even in the bright light at night, Aedes mosquitoes can bite. Mosquitoes should be used while sleeping to avoid mosquito bites. If possible, nets can be installed on the door and window of the room. Mosquito repellent sprays, lotions, creams, coil mats can be used if needed. Children should wear flower pants or pajamas instead of shorts.

Aedes mosquitoes lay eggs in transparent water. Therefore, the vase, unused garbage in the house, any pot or any water in the place should be thrown three to five days in a row. It killed the Aedes mosquito larvae. In order to remove the mosquito eggs that are sticking to the pot, the pot should be thoroughly rubbed and cleaned. You should make sure that there is no more than five days of freezing water in the bathroom of your room. Under the aquarium, refrigerator or air conditioner of the room and open mouth water tank should not be stored, it should be arranged.

Many people garden on the roof of the house. Necessary steps should be taken to ensure that no water will accumulate in the tub or container for more than five days. Shrubs, jungle, water bodies etc. should be kept clean around the house. Occasional showers outside the house can result in freezing water – eg flower tubs, plastic utensils, abandoned tires, plastic drums, earthenware, tin shelves, dug-out pockets, containers, motors, battery shells, polythene, packets of chips, etc. The freezing water must be cleaned in these places.

Spraying or fogging should be done at least three days a week to kill mosquitoes. Flower tubs, shrubs, reservoirs, etc. are also seen on various Rhode Island for beauty enhancement. Rain water may be frozen here. They should also be taken care of so that there is no water in them.

In addition, it is important to look at some other aspects. These are:

Aedes mosquitoes usually prefer to bite for half an hour before sunrise and half an hour before sunset. So beware of mosquito bites at these two times.

During the monsoon, definitely use mosquitoes before going to bed. This is one of the best ways to prevent dengue. Aedes mosquitoes bite during the day. So use mosquitoes even during the day. If possible, it is necessary to use mosquito repellent cream throughout the body, not just during the day. Many use oil to dispel mosquitoes.

Spray mosquito nets or medicines at home, hospital, office or court. Then mosquitoes will not grow in these places.

Around the house so that dirt water does not accumulate, should be kept in mind.

Apply basil on the side of the window. There are several important elements in this tree, which will play an important role in attracting mosquitoes.

Guppy fish are the new force in killing mosquitoes. Guppies can adapt quickly to all kinds of weather. Revolves around the upper part of the water. Guppies are used to control mosquitoes in different countries as these fish eat mosquito larvae. A guppy fish can destroy an average of 5 larvae a day. In neighboring India, mosquitoes are being destroyed with the help of these fish.

There is no alternative to using camphor to dispel mosquitoes in a natural way. Close the doors and windows and burn the camphor and keep it inside the room. After 20 minutes, the mosquito will be gone. To avoid mosquitoes, burn camphor every morning and evening.

MA Azhar, a doctor in the Department of Medicine at Green Life Hospital, said prevention measures are also necessary for dengue fever. There are mainly two types of dengue – classical dengue fever and hemorrhagic fever. Classical dengue fever usually causes severe fever and severe pain in the body. The fever can be up to 5 degrees Fahrenheit. Acute pain is felt in various parts of the body, especially in the head, back of the eyes, bones, waist, back, and bones. Four to five days after the fever, redness can be seen throughout the body, as well as symptoms such as nausea or vomiting, excessive exhaustion of the patient, loss of interest, etc. In some cases, the fever comes again after two or three days.

Dengue hemorrhagic fever shows symptoms such as bleeding from different parts of the body, fresh blood or black closet in the closet, uneven menstrual bleeding or bleeding in women, chest or stomach water. The most severe form of dengue fever is dengue shock syndrome.

If dengue fever is suspected, necessary tests should be performed according to the doctor’s advice. Doctor MA Azhar said that CBC and platelet tests should be done four to five days after the fever. Prior to the test, reports of dengue disease may not be detected. Usually, if the platelet count is less than one lakh, the next step should be taken with the dengue virus in mind.

Dengue antibodies can be tested five to six days later. It helps in the identification of the disease. Since it has no role in the treatment of the disease, there is no problem even if it is not tested. Blood sugar, liver tests, such as SGOT, SGPT, alkaline phosphatase, etc. may be required if necessary.

Again, if the doctor thinks that the patient is suffering from a DIC-related problem, then prothrombin time, APTT, D-dimer, etc. may need to be examined.

Physician MA Azhar says paracetamol should be consumed four times a day for dengue fever.

Have enough rest.

To reduce the fever, the body must be repeatedly removed. Fever causes anemia. Therefore, you should drink plenty of water and liquid foods, such as fruit juice, sorbet etc. If a patient cannot drink water due to vomiting, then saline should be given in the vein. Antibiotics, aspirin or any other painkiller cannot be consumed at all.

Usually, not all patients with dengue need to give blood. If blood platelets are reduced, then platelets should be given on an urgent basis.

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