New born baby care

New born baby care

New born baby care is essential for each and every family. Baby stomach stays at warm temperatures. So, she feels cold in the earth’s temperature. Nevertheless, it takes time for the body to control the body’s heat control. So keep the child warm temperatures. If the temperature of the house is 250, then wear cotton clothes. You can use sweaters below this level. The baby goes missing during breastfeeding. So lose the sweater on that day. Notice, whether the child is sweating or not.

Breastfeeding a baby frequently. There is immune resistance to breast milk. As a result, children are easily infected with cold, cough etc. Children who have not been breastfed or breastfed for some reason, need special care.

  • During the day, open the window, enter the sunny wind and cool air.
  • Dry the clothes in the house and dry the sundry.
  • If you put the baby under the mosquito, or put it under a separate mosquito, then the mother will go to the cockpit. It will keep the kid warm, increase warmth and increase breast milk.

If there is a family member or a relative of sari, cough, viral fever, then they should refrain from mother and child.

  • Refrain the child from outside the house in winter. To sunbath the sunrise from the balcony or the balcony of the house.

A newborn baby needs to bathe with birth. Do not bathe the baby navel until it is dry. Sufficient bathing is enough for two days a week. Before you take a bath, place the doors and windows of the house. Apply boiling water (450i), soft cloth or sponge, toilets, vaseline, diapers etc. to all baths and sit in the bath.

  • A newborn baby’s a little cough or shrinking but suspicious. So coughing, breathing by sound, milk cannot eat, difficulty breathing or turning back to reserve pain, quickly seek medical attention.

Do not do that:

  • Do not wear the baby’s extra sweater. It can worsen the sweat that the winter of winter due to sweating and drying in the cold air.
  • Use baby oil or vaseline on the baby.
  • The baby sleeps in the diapers during the night.
  • The winter stranger cannot be shredded.
  • Cloth, coating, blanket etc. on the baby’s nose or face.

One-and-a-half-year-old baby care

Keep the baby warm as needed. Can not be kept in a cold environment. It should not be kept in a damp house.

  • Feed the baby’s breast milk regularly. Feed a little bit of milk on the feeder. Do not give cold milk even during sleep.
  • For more than six months, give your baby breast milk as well as other foods. Sprinkled eggs, red spinach, spinach and green leafy vegetables. Lemon juice, give orange juice to eat. This will increase the child’s immune system.
  • The children who give a kiss, they will not see them in the cold. However, it is best not to use carpets. Because carpets are allergic to RAO or to dust. So the use of a mat or matte is good.
  • After bathing with powdered water once a day. Babi lotions are needed after bathing. Do not take anything oiled.
  • Teach your child to wear soft clothes and wear socks during sleep, but do not wear wool socks.
  • There is less immunity for older children. So sari, cough easily. It is better to take the child away from the crowded places (Mel, picnic).

One to six-year-old child care:

  • At these age children play many sports and running. It does not need to wear too hot and heavy clothes. However, ensure the warmth of the morning time and the hours played in the school.
  • If you send the child to school, some touching skin diseases spread throughout the winter. So keep your attention to the skin. Apply regular lotion so that the skin becomes dry.

Winter vegetables and fruits, banana more than to eat.

Ensure the health of the baby Enjoy the winter conduct perfectly.

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