Cold allergy

cold allergy

Generally, some winter symptoms occur, cold allergies or cold sensitivity. We see that many children or older people suddenly become ill or have been sick during winter. Most of it is due to cold allergies.

Cold fumes, cigarette smoke, scent, intense odour, old magazines or booklet dust that contain mites, flower molecules, molds etc. Many people can not tolerate it completely. All of them include respiratory problems, asthma or asthma, pneumonia etc. These issues are called allergens in medical science. We all call these allergenic symptoms as allergies. Therefore, extreme cold acts as an allergen for many people, and due to this the symptoms are called cold allergy.

Why is that? The previously mentioned allergens cause respiratory tract infections and the patient’s respiratory or asthma occurs.

Who is more? Generally, it is more prevalent among young people, but there may be any sitting.

Why is winter more? It is not fully understood why these symptoms are high in the winter. But weather conditions, rapid temperature and changes in air pressure, high moisture moles and mites are suitable for the proliferation, which is one of the causes of winter diseases.


Nose, water, nose, scabies, cough, breathing, bamboo, coming out of the chest, etc.

What to do

Because of these symptoms, it should be avoided by examining allergies by examining reasons. A type of mask or filter can be used to get rid of cold air, which is made of flanel cloth and head, ear and forehead with a face covered. The salubital inhaler can be taken because the first preferred medication is to reduce the symptoms of this medication. For long-term good steroids can be taken inhaler. The allergen can not be completely avoided, however, it is very beneficial for breathing, such as mite, mold, polon or pollen ray vaccine.

Vaccine method:

The use of this method reduces the use of corticosteroids. In most countries of the world, especially in developed countries, treatment is done in this manner.

Earlier, the idea was that if the allergy is not done once. But now the use of medical treatment has improved considerably. Early detection is possible to treat allergic diseases completely.

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