Child pain in winter

Child pain in winter

Glaucoma ‘or’ Tire throat ‘is a common symptom of the disease. But this problem increases during this time of change or at the beginning of winter. In winter increase child pain due to glaucoma. Usually, due to the inflammation of the upper part of diarrhea, tonsill, and surrounding areas, there is a lot of throats.

Child pain in winter

Children from five to eight years of age usually suffer from this problem. Glaucoma may end after monsoon or winter. Bacterial and viral infections cause inflammation. Bacterial Streptococcus in Group-A Beta-Hydroelectric Streptococcus is responsible for 30 percent of the cases. It is contagious. Spread through saliva or mucus.

There may be other problems such as fever, cough, and redness of the baby in the vascular throat. If bacterial infections can swell suddenly, severe acne, excessive fever, headache, vomiting, vomiting, abdominal pain and swelling along the side of the throat. Tonsil and its surrounding parts are red due to the bacterial tire throttle. Sometimes the rash or rash is seen in the body.

If you want to treat melodrama, you will get relief if you use paracetamol or ibuprofen drugs at the right level. Salt water will also be good to the throat. Give the child enough water and fluid during this time.

If necessary, give appropriate antibiotics to doctor’s advice. If the baby suffers from swallowing or breathing, if the excessive temperature of the saliva (over 101 degrees Fahrenheit) is over 48 hours, then the doctor should consult immediately.

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