Take care of how to keep children away from diseases in winter

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The arrival of winter for children means the anxiety of the mother increased. So they have to take extra care of them. In winter common children disease as fever, colds or cough are common phenomena. Due to fever, nausea and cough, it becomes better for the common medicines according to the age. Many do not even get it again. For keep safe the children from diseas, Clean the nose with salt water and become good with feeding milk and enough fluids. Bask leaf juice and honey also give good work.

Most colds and colds in the winter are viral. These usually do not require antibiotics. So using untreated antibiotics without the expert doctor’s advice can cause harm to the child. Most cough-fever is good in home remedies. At this time the children will have to take a bath with the warm water of the mothers. There is no harm in leaving the light fan and sleeping. If the nose is stopped, then the salt water drop can be used. Besides, there are also available to buy Narolot drop in the market.

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Thin cloth or cotton can be cleaned to nose by dropping two drops of nerves. For keep children away from disease you should be care. If there is a cough, prevention measures can be made at home without using medication. For example, a few cups of red tea can be fed with a few drops of lemon juice and honey. Or a half-cup hot water can be fed with a few drops of lemon juice and honey or tulsi leaves mixed with juice and honey.

The kidneys can be fed or honey mixed with ginger and tea also can be fed to the child. Paracetamol syrup should be fed when the fever exceeds 100 degrees Celsius. Besides, the towel must be wiped over and over again. But the child should be cautious about pneumonia. For this reason, consult a doctor. Baby’s respiratory is very sensitive. Therefore, in the winter, the incidence of asthma increases.

Do not put carpets in the bedroom, in the house to prevent this disease. Do not use furry sheets, blankets. For the treatment of asthma, salbitalum syrup can be given half a spoon for one year and one spoon of one year to five years for three times a day.

Child’s skin and respiratory system is delicate and immature. So the child can not hold heat, it becomes easy to cool. At that time, he would have to wear enough winter clothes. However, this does not mean that the baby will be niggardly and tightly wound up. The winter clothes are comfortable, so be careful. Due to sweating in winter, the urine of the baby is high. For this reason, newborns should be worried about whether or not a little baby pants are wet.

Many people try to reduce their breast milk and liquid foods by seeing urine too. This is a very serious step that should never be done. It may cause damage to the kidneys and other organs. In the winter the beauty of the skin should be of good quality lotion or cream in the care of soft skin. Not just by mouth, in whole body. Do not forget to keep the baby in adequate time for sunshine. In the winter there is no bath but there is no obstacle.

You can make the baby a regular bath with light hot water. Many people tasted manganese oil before bathing. There is no scientific basis, but there is no harm. But take care of the water in the ear while bathing. And do not forget to delete the body well. In the winter, many mothers take a lot of hardship in eating and drinking and living in the winter due to fear of the child or the advice of the elderly. Especially newborn mothers do these more. Many people stop giving breast milk to their child’s cough.

These events are not rare in cities like rural areas. This is not the benefit of the baby, but it can be a loss. In fact, like in different seasons, children may have various diseases in the winter, it is not a special case. There is no reason to worry. Before sleeping at night, mixing water with glycerol can be applied to the hands and feet of the baby. Thick cotton cloth can be worn for children in winter. If they wear tights or wool clothes, their body may become sweated.

Flannel garments can be worn in this case. It is better to put a thin cloth on the throat and head of the baby while sleeping at night. The baby should never sleep at night after hats or socks. Because, the child wakes the bed while sleeping at night. If he is lying on a wet bed, he is more likely to get cold. Therefore, parents must take special care in this regard.

Some common winter problems such as fever, cough, cough, asthma increase. Do not get worried for this, consult a doctor. At that time, children should not be seen on the bare feet on the floor and be careful. You can buy shoes for home use. You can spread carpets or thick clothes on the floor of the house. If you play on the floor, it will not be cold. Children’s clothes dry up in the house and dry them in the sun.

Children will feel comfortable if the child bed-pillow is heated daily in the sun. During this time, the children have soaked the nipha repeatedly. Nipi has to be changed repeatedly. Otherwise, a newborn baby may become pneumonia or a sickle. Dry weather is high in dry weather in winter. It should be kept in mind that there is no dust on the baby’s face and clothes should be kept clean.

There are a few things to look out for in child care. That is, the skin of the baby can not be dry. Baby oil or vaseline should be given twice a day. Morning-afternoon coconut hat and light winter clothes will be kept. The diapers will lie on the night. The baby’s nose-face should be careful not to cover it with coating and blanket.

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