The cause and remedies for having a baby stomach worms:


The children are suffering from abdominal pain several times. Food disorders, diarrhoea, nausea, stomach disorders etc. are often seen in children. These are signs of baby stomach worms.

Reasons for infection:

Unhealthy toilets, unhygienic homes, use of polluted water, wash hands without washing the toilet well, cleaning the hands before eating or taking food, keeping the nails bigger, treating nails with teeth, etc.
Types of worms and health problems:
Different types of spines include spheroid, ribbon worms and powdered worm outbreaks. Occasionally the gooseberry baby comes out with the nose and mouth.

It can also enter the baby’s airway. Apart from this, it can create obstruction in the baby’s gut or bile. Ribbon worms cause bleeding from the stomach in the baby’s belly. The child gradually became bloodless. Powder worms are responsible for itching on the street.

Worms and malnutrition:

Children are affected by malnutrition due to worms. The worm causes bleeding in the gut, and causes diarrhea by causing the child to become anemic on the one hand and then inhibit the absorption and absorption of nutrients in the gut.

Thus, due to long-term infections the child’s diet is poor and he becomes weak gradually. In this, the physical and mental development of the child is interrupted.


Usually, baby worms are treated with Albendazole or Mebendazole or Pyrental pamoate. In our country twice a year, polio notes are given on the national vaccine day as well as feeding insecticidal drugs (Albendazole) from one year to five years.


  1. Use safe and clean water for household chores.
  2. Healthcare toilets should be ensured.
  3. Regular hand washing habits should be developed before or after the toilet.
  4. Nails of children can not be kept big and teeth should be avoided.
  5. Time to take anti-inflammatory medicines.
    The unpaid waste of human beings can not be used as fertilizer.

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