Baby problem in winter

Winter baby problem

Even after the winter season, there is a pain in the throat due to habitual fridge drinking cold water, eating ice cream or sleeping in the night while leaving the fan. Especially in the case of children, the problem is greater. Talking to the baby problem and pain in the dark, eating food or even drinking water. It is generally considered to be Tonsil’s problem. Many children in our country suffer from this disease. During the winter the incidence of tonsillitis has increased.

Tonsil and adenoid is a type of lymph node, which is in the mouth of the breath and diarrhoea inside our throat. Tonsil and adenoid work as a watchman at the entrance of the respiratory and digestive system. They destroy food and airborne harmful substances and pathogens. The body also plays an important role in the prevention of diseases in the body. Tonsil and adenoid children are very active in the age of four to 10 years of age.

At this time, children are more susceptible to tonsillitis and adenoid inflammation. Adenoid is usually reduced in adolescence and disappears later. Muscles are usually suffering from various complex diseases for tonsillitis and adenoid inflammation. So do not neglect tonsil and adenoid disease

The cause of the disease –

Due to the poor health of the child, malnutrition, the allergic disease can cause tonsillitis. Tooth, nose and sinusitis and very sensitive sensitivity to the cold play a significant role in the disease.

This disease is a complex form of infection with viruses and various harmful bacteria. Usually, the diseases from the school are infected in childhood. Besides, living in unhealthy environments and negligence in the treatment of diseases like cold, influenza and respiratory diseases, etc. are the causes of this disease.

Symptoms of Disease –

There is acute pain in the neck and swelling of the dose. Children usually do not want to eat anything. There may be the pain in the ear while you are in the ear. Sometimes the abnormal rise in body temperature is up to 104 degrees Fahrenheit. Feeling shaky, dizziness, headaches and pain throughout the body often occur with the fever.

Moreover, the lymph glands swelling on the throat and swelling. Flux, swelling of the nose, seeping of the nostrils, mouth odour, eating-arthritis and lymph glands on the throat of the throat are always swollen. Moreover, there are many symptoms of the abnormal growth of tonsils and adenoid.

The most serious aspect of this disease is that if the obstruction of respiratory infections of these children for a long time, they may lead to various diseases of the breathing and heart. For example, pulmonary hypertension, cardiovascular disease, and sudden cardiac arrest can lead to death in sleep.


In the early stages of the disease, avoid cold eating. Tooth and facial care, living in a healthy environment, light physical exercises. If you do not get relieved then you will have to take medicines according to the doctor’s advice. Chronic inflammation and impaired problems – it is best to drop through tonsil and adenoid operation.

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