Is Your Baby Food OK?

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Is Your Baby’s Food OK?

Their child is the center of attention of each couple. Couple- or why, the family of the heartbeat of every family is in tune with the cheering of the youngest member. Their offensive hope-ambition-surrounded him. They expect their child’s life to be in the future or in the presence of their children even after they have passed. From this there is enough of their care for the child. Parents, especially mothers, often tell us, her child is not eating properly or wants to eat. Today’s talk about this matter about baby food.

Sufficient and adequate baby food is vital for the fifth year of intellectual development and development of a child’s life. Because at this time the body of the body, bones, muscles, heart and kidneys etc. is rapidly grown and mature. Baby food can be divided into roughly 3 parts. Firstly – carbohydrates and fats, secondly – protein, third-party vitamins and minerals. That means rice, pulses, wheat etc. We get strength from this. Our nerve cell (neuron) is made by fat, which means oil (high quality) of food. The protein is involved in making muscles, hormones, enzymes, blood hemoglobin etc.

Due to the lack of protein, there may be nutritional (PEM) disease. Vitamin or food-rich again two types – soluble in water and soluble in fat. Fat-soluble vitamins are Vitamin A and Vitamin D Due to lack of vitamins, many children in our country are still suffering from night blindness. Some people are completely blind. Due to the absence of vitamin D, there is a problem in the formation of bone and rickets occurs. In Bangladesh, many children are seen to be suffering from Rickets. On the other hand, water-soluble vitamins such as Vitamin-B (B complex) and Vitamin-C can lead to various types of neurological disorders, including childhood infections.

For the proper structure and full development of the baby, each child will have to give strong baby food for the first 6 months after birth. The first 5 months of breast milk are enough. But in the 6 months’ diet, there will be plenty of calorie foods. If the child is one year old, then he will have to give the usual foods that is the same as the other children who eat and eat the same foods. About 90 percent of the mother complained to the doctor, my child does not want to eat or eat anything. In this regard, every parent should understand that the ‘test-bed’ of the tongue is full of adults. He does not want to eat every day if he gives him a bunny meal.

If you want to eat sugar with milk, you will have to change the taste on the first day, rice on the next day, soyaera paise next day, and one day with soybean or kaliya the other day. Every day the child will have to feed at least six times. In addition to morning breakfast, lunch, dinner and dinner, a few nutritional meals should be provided in the morning and afternoon. Tiffin baby food should be a little heavier for school children.

There is a need to say a word about not eating a child, if you do not want to eat the baby you will have to find out if there is any injury in the mouth. Whether or not the nose is closed. Somebody who may have the helpful supportive material with appropriate food. Doctors calculate the weight, height, age of the children, and find out. The baby weighing at birth was 3 kg, it was twice in 6 months and 3 times in 1 year. Except for this, the pediatrician will be shown.

And it is also true, nowadays parents are making a mistake in becoming aware. Her child has achieved more weight than her age and height, and she does not notice her already. We find many children whose current weight is more than its desired weight. Nevertheless, her mother may complain that her child is drying up without eating.

Nadusanudusa, we will be asked to be healthy and vigorous and growing children. Again, the child should not be able to eat and drink just for the right intellect. He has to give warmth, emotional bonding, which working moms can not give many times. Again, some mother wants to feed her baby by calculating her time. The child may not like the reckoning. The broken family, the family turmoil, the response to the parents’ relationship is reflected on the child’s intelligence. Besides, mental torture has become the main obstacle to child development in the current mechanical era.

With proper calorie intake and family ties, if it is seen that the growth of the child is not expected, there may be a problem with the child’s heart, lungs, kidney, thyroid or liver. However, in 90 percent cases, malnutrition is the main cause of child development. It’s for our country. We need to remember one thing, most of the nutrition of the baby depends on the mother’s nutrient during pregnancy.

If a mother suffers from malnutrition during pregnancy, permanent damage to the physical growth of the child means that no matter how much attention is given to the baby’s nutrition, she will not have much improvement. Because the size of the baby’s limbs is made up of mother’s stomach. All parents should be aware and nurtured on their child’s nutrition so that the community becomes aware of all the members of the family for getting a healthy and mentally healthy and vigorous child. Every family will become a garden of healthy baby. That is why society will get a way to improve.

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